Cookie Challenge Halfway Point Update, and Perfectly Giftable Cream Cheese Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies

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Firstly, a little commentary on how this 25 Days of Cookies Challenge is going.

Not every day has been successful. I have baked every day! But several days were less than impressive. So I’m not going to post every recipe on here, but rather the ones that I am definitely happy to make again and would recommend to my friends.

However – this week has been pretty successful! I started off on a high note on Day 10 with these Red Velvet cookies that we devoured too quickly and that have me wanting everything Velvet this week.

Full disclosure: this is a multi-step cookie. It is not a one-bowl, in the oven in 15 minutes cookie. But it is #worthit if you have the time!

The recipe is from Sally’s Baking Addiction and is multi-step (fridge time, freezer time, all the time).

You need to:

  • Make the cookie dough, put it in the fridge
  • Make the cream cheese filling, put it in the freezer, then roll into balls and put back in the fridge
  • Make little cookies out of the dough, place the cream cheese filling in, and then cover with more dough
  • Roll in sugar
  • Place in the oven

So my suggestion is to do this on a day where you are relatively free or can stop to fulfill a step or two.

I thought my oven had been acting weird lately but I think I might just be making my cookies too big. I have one cookie scoop which is AMAZING but it’s not one-size fits all.

I ruled out my oven being the issue by getting an oven thermometer and it’s definitely within 5 degrees of the temp I set it to.

I love these so much. They qtr chewy with crunchy rims, and the tangy cream cheese filling off-sets the sweetness of the granulated sugar they’re rolled in.

I’m planning on making these again next week to gift to some of Mathias’ therapists because they really are amazing!

Trying This Blogging Thing, Again


Remember that time I tried to start a blog?

It was over a year ago, and I thought that it’d be a good thing for me to do. But I wasn’t ready.

I thought I was, but I wasn’t. I was overwhelmed by a handful of life-changing events and I wasn’t ready to share my life because I was struggling and couldn’t handle it.

Since then, our lives have changed completely.

Lucas was working for an a-hole boss who took advantage of him. We were still living in a one bedroom (two moves ago!), we had one very stressful baby who wasn’t growing and we didn’t know why. Then we moved, we started to get answers, we got pregnant again, got more answers, Lucas started a business, we had our baby and then we had baby #2. And a week before I had baby #2, I started to be more open about what was going on, and I was ready to start talking about it.

The first round I wasn’t ready to share, but I also didn’t have a purpose. This time I do – to educate, to advocate and to share someplace besides Instagram.