Spring 2020 One Room Challenge: Liv’s Bedroom Makeover, Part I


Back in February I decided that I wanted to take on Liv’s room as my project for the April 2020 One Room Challenge!

Her room had been kind of ignored when we moved in because well, I had cancer and no time or energy to get to work on it. In January when I finally was back on my feet (literally) I wanted a space that would take minimal help from Lucas to work on (aka, no heavy duty tools were needed) and since her space basically just needed decor, it was a perfect fit!

Liv’s Room: Before Redecorating
Liv’s Room: Before Wallpaper!

The first easy fix was adding an actual rug and swapping out her bedding for some cute toddler bedding! I worked with Loloi Rugs and chose this adorable rug for her room. I know that a lot of nurseries and toddler rooms these days have neutral rugs but personally I feel like children’s bedrooms should be reflective of their personalities and Liv actually picked this one of the four choices I gave her! Pink and yellow are her favorite colors so I love that this rug really showcases those colors without being too bright.

I also purchased this toddler comforter from Loomwell.

The next step was figuring out what to do with the wall opposite her bed. Her room is kind of an odd shape and that wall is the only full wall in the room, so it made sense to put wallpaper there!

I reached out to Loomwell and picked a mural that I felt really complimented the space and made a statement without being too bold. Working with a lot of patterns already meant that I wanted something that was subtle but beautiful and wouldn’t clash, and this Madeline wallpaper immediately jumped out at me! Lucas and I put together a video on our whole process and it’s a little long for Instagram so I’ve included my YouTube video below so you can get an idea of how the process went!

Loomwell hasn’t asked me to write this so I want to be completely transparent with our process!

I have installed peel and stick wallpaper from another company previously and it was SO. HARD. Based on that experience, we decided to overestimate how big the wall was just in case, which meant we did have to cut nearly 1/3rd off of the fourth panel to make it fit. However, and I’m not sure if it’s because Loomwell has their own installation video that we watched before or not, but it was so much easier than my first experience! Lucas and I had it done in a little over 30 minutes, and honestly it only took that long because we had to figure out what to do with the door molding that was touching the wall and cutting the fourth piece/ getting it behind the radiator. I 100% recommend Loomwell and would definitely use them again!

unedited + unstaged photo for truest color of the wall + truest depiction of this crazy cat toddler

I am not great about writing weekly blog posts, but most of the other One Room Challenge participants are! You can see more #oneroomchallenge inspiration, progress and posts here.