Bakery Style Butter Cookies, Sort Of


I’ve always been a perfectionist, which is one reason that baking is really fulfilling to me. However, baking every day means either making mistakes or bad judgment calls and that drives me crazy. That was the case with these cookies.

These are the kind of cookies that remind me of a few things. They’re the kinds of cookies in a mixed assortment from a bakery (or from the supermarket bakery section) that maybe aren’t your first choice now but as a kid you went for because they were essentially two cookies for the price of one and covered in chocolate and sprinkles. They’re also another cookie that reminds me of my dad, because God forbid my mother walked into a bakery for cookies…

So I attempted to make these without a piping bag, which was a *huge* mistake. Ok so I’m being a bit dramatic here, but the fact is that it’s dumb to attempt pretty picture perfect bakery style cookies without a piping bag or tips. Luckily they looked less ugly after baking.


I filled these with raspberry preserves because the recipe said any kind and that’s what felt the most “bakery” to me.

I tempered the chocolate per the recipe but it was pretty thick. I’m not sure if it’s because of the chocolate I used (Trader Joe’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips) but I would probably thin it down with either a tablespoon of butter or some corn syrup next time.

Full disclosure: I broke about half of these cookies.

This recipe is from Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen Every Day (can you tell I love her?) and the cookies themselves were extremely straight forward …. it was just everything else that I did not do quite perfect.

Will I make these again? Maybe. Maybe not sandwiched. Probably not during this challenge…I’m more of a chewy cookie type of girl.

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